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How To Help Build Independence With Your Tween

We understand tweens. That is one of the main reasons the Mark’s Family  created the Fun Warehouse and Paradise Golf Adventure

We wanted to create a safe place where kids could come have fun.”  There are not enough places in our local area that offer what we strive to do.” -Tim Marks

There are many things to focus on during the tween years but when it comes to their social life, we gotcha covered!

This is a perfect time to give your tween a little independence by letting them learn to navigate the waters without you! We come alongside you by staffing police officers, skilled management and caring staff to make this a fun and safe place for your kids.

You definitely want to be involved in your tween’s social life, because knowing their friends can enable you to guide them away from negative influences and toward positive ones. But be careful about being a “helicopter mom” who gets too involved in the social drama of middle school. Don’t get us wrong, we understand that middle school is super tough: kids hurt one another’s feelings, everyone is insecure, etc. But by being the voice in your child’s life that says, “Take a deep breath, this too shall pass,” rather than, “I can’t believe she said that and here’s what I want you to go back and say to her,” can make her more emotionally mature and independent sooner. Give her good advice about how to handle situations, but let her do all the talking.

Friday and Saturday night at the Fun Warehouse is the perfect place to ease into this new independent social situation.


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