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Team Building


Team Building is essential for all businesses. You spend a solid 40 (or more) hours at work each week — would you really want to spend any more time than you already have to with your co-workers? Statistics show that you should — strong relationships with co-workers foster happiness and productivity. Company culture is important, and brands have found it worth the investment to spend a little money on cultivating a team dynamic. As Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once said, “If we get the culture right, then great service and building a long-term, enduring brand or business will just be a natural byproduct.” Among the advantages of team building are the following:

  • Better Productivity
  • Inter-personal Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Building Responsibility
  • Adjusting and Acceptance

“We’ve found that team members often get their best ideas when they’re out of the office with time to breathe and have fun,” says Rent the Runway founder Jenn Hyman.

“When you’re growing a company there’s nothing more important than the team you build,” says Irving Fain, CEO of CrowdTwist, whose team frequently partakes in afterhours work activities. “The journey is long, and even in the best of circumstances, it’s difficult. No one person can do it on their own, so everyone needs to rely on teamwork and trust in those around them. There’s no better way to foster those values than getting out of the office and spending time with the team away from the day-to-day grind.

Fun Warehouse has dynamic team building activities that can help your team achieve group goals or renew strengths in a fun, competitive environment. Contact an Event Planner online to get started.


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