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Laser Tag

Step inside the two story, 3,500 square foot Urban Quest Laser Tag Arena! This two level city is on the verge of chaos, and the Industrial District is at the epicenter of the mayhem… Help is needed to quell a possible uprising in the warehouse sector, which could plunge this urban jungle into anarchy. Enter this gritty environment at your own risk, as danger lurks in every corner and your safe return is no guarantee. You’ll need to gather your wits, follow a cunning strategy, and execute your mission with precision to survive.

Your mission begins inside the briefing and vesting areas where you assess the arena layout, identify your objectives, and suit up into your laser gear. These rooms are bound with stunning 3D props such as metal gears and over-sized bolts. Airbrushed artwork complete the theme with riveted metal walls, torn edging, and broken through sections of wall.

Cool, collected and ready for whatever you encounter, you enter the abandoned warehouse arena and your adrenaline begins to flow. Rusted metal-like walls themed to appear like riveted steel surround you as you begin your tactical sweep of this industrialized maze. Stacks of crates and barrels obscure your pathway and fallen steel I-beams perch precariously on top of the walls.

Peering through blown-out sections of the perimeter walls you view the city skyline and observe scenes of the turmoil in the distance. Elsewhere, you catch glimpses of industrial machinery, metal crane arms, and flashing lights. You’re at the heart of the action, where trouble may come as much from the cruel surroundings as from the reckless abandon of your opponents.

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Check out the video of our Urban Quest Laser Tag Arena here!

Single Game – $9.50 + Tax

Get a Blast Pass! 3 Games for only $22.50 + Tax.

See our Combo Pass for an even better deal!

*Socks and shoes are required for Laser Tag




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