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Enter into the exciting world of Widget’s Arcade loaded with over 50 games to challenge you and your friends! Win thousands of tickets and get the prizes you only dream of, like an Xbox, Bicycle, iPad, and even a canoe! Yes, you can still win the simple prizes like candy or a whoopee cushion. Enjoy endless fun inside the Fun Warehouse state of the art Arcade. We have the hottest releases and games for all ages!

Ready to play? First you will need to grab a Fun Warehouse Fun Card from our Redemption Center or Self-Serve Kiosk. You can load any amount of money to your Fun Card. Once you have loaded your Fun Card, you’re ready to PLAY! Each time you WIN, load all your tickets onto your Fun Card via our ticket munchers. When you are ready to redeem for your prizes, visit the Redemption Center and claim the prize you always wanted. Remember your Fun Card is rechargeable, so hold onto it… Forever! We have new deals every day.

* Bonus cash is available with combo passes!

Explosive – New!
Player stops the light wheel on instant pop or on values that crank the amazing air pump and pump the balloon bigger and bigger until it contacts the spinning saw blade below and pops! Spine tingling anticipation pays off with a loud exciting pop that keeps players running to play! Tickets pay out with the pump zones and popping the balloon pays out the amazing 2-Player jackpot!

Milk Jug Toss – New!
Return to carnival action. Toss the balls into the milk jug or surrounding holes to win tickets. Shoot for the Super Bonus by getting all the balls in the jug.

Harpoon Lagoon – New!
4 player game for the entire family. Players fire harpoons at the fish swimming by and win tickets. Features a hidden jelly fish bonus!

Test your skill on one of the most popular and successful games ever made! If you can stop the light at the right moment, you’ll be rewarded with even more bonus tickets to spend at the Redemption Center

Wheel of Fortune Pushers
Based on the hit game show, this game of skill challenges you to strategically target chips to fall over the ledge and light up the letters. The more chips that fall, the more tickets you win!

Big Bass Wheel
Reel in the Fun! Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. Big Bass is equipped with funny fishing bloopers and a captivating sound package to offer the entire family entertainment.

Why mess with success? An all-time favorite game of skill gives you nine balls to roll up the alley and into the pockets. Every ball in means a higher score and even more tickets!

Space Ballz
Dean-O the space monkey needs your help! While refueling his space ship, he made a clumsy mistake and spilled JET Cola all over his control panel causing it to go crazy. He needs your help catching the fuel ballz for him to get him on his way and back to cruising the universe.

Dirty Drivin’
Battle with your friends or against a CPU rival for intense competitive action. The motto of Dirty Drivin’ is “Drive Dirty… Fight Dirty!”

Fast And Furious Super Bikes
Super Bikes may be the deepest motorcycle game ever released in the arcade sure to provide endless fun. You choose from many licensed motorcycles and you also get to choose your rider. Like The Fast and the Furious, you get to upgrade your bike with NOS, bigger engines, tires and mo


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